Thursday, March 12, 2015

Asterix Dialogue

Here's another rough animation scene from Asterix and the Vikings. This is a closeup of Asterix, once again arguing with Obelix. They have set out to sea in pursuit of Justforkix, the nephew of the chief of the village, but there is no wind. Obelix is hungry, complaining that there is no food on board.

In this shot Asterix says: "Well, maybe you shouldn't have eaten all the survival rations on the first day!" When animating dialogue on these characters I took special care to adhere closely to the style of mouth shapes drawn by Asterix' creator, Albert Uderzo. You may notice that it is distinctly different from the standard Disney style.

Pencil test of the entire sequence, all animated by me, at the bottom of this post.

Here is a pencil test of the entire sequence (0:25 in total):