Friday, March 20, 2015

Choco Bolo

I went through some old boxes in the attic and found a bunch of VHS video tapes with various animation stuff dating back to the late 1980's. Amazingly, most of the tapes were still more or less watchable, and with a cheap video grabbing device and some patience I managed to clean some of them up to an acceptable quality.

One of the films was a TV commercial for some chocolate crackers called Choco Bolo, which I animated back in 1991 for A. Film and the Danish Disney animator Jørgen Klubien, who was apparently taking a break from Disney at the time. In this case I also found the original animation roughs as well as a copy of Jørgen's storyboard for the film:

Choco Bolo storyboard by Jørgen Klubien 1991.

The film consists of one single shot lasting 15 seconds (plus some live-action). It may be slightly insane of me to share with you the entire 118 rough animation drawings - but what the heck, here we go:


I timed all the drawings in order to re-create a pencil test of the shot.

And here's the final cleaned-up version of the ad from the old VHS tape.

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  1. Fedt Dan!
    Kan huske den fra fjerneren, den gang reklamer var bedre og mindre larmende.
    Tak for gensynet og cool at nærstudere dine timecharts og snappy timening :)