Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Hugo Boards

Inspirational sketch / location design by Uwe Saegner, 2006.

Here are two more sequences that I boarded for the feature "Jungledyret Hugo 3 - Fræk, flabet og fri" (see the two previous sequences here).

Hugo has left his best friend Rita the fox on Meatball Charlie's island in order to go hunting for winter apples on the mainland. In the inspirational sketch above, drawn by German illustrator and background designer Uwe Saegner, Hugo discovers an apple tree in the distance. Hugo's apple hunt soon turns out to be a  foolhardy enterprise, as he gets caught in a snowstorm and is almost run over by a car.

Later, Rita goes looking for Hugo, and finally finds him frozen half to death. Hugo, of course, downplays the seriousness of the situation and tries to charm his way out of it.

Here are some of Uwe Saegner's beautiful location sketches, which I used as inspiration for the two sequences, along with some vehicles (see more of Uwe's location designs here).

They are followed by all the storyboard panels for the animatic of seq 13-15 (Rita finds frozen Hugo).

These are the storyboard panels for sequence 13-15.

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  1. A shame this wasn't animated in 2D anyway. Perhaps had they waited a few years (though it might as well be a decade at this point), I'm sure it would've been a different ballgame, especially when compared to films that have shown up like Kung Fu Panda, Rango or even Zootopia (which honestly is the best approximation of hand-drawn aesthetics in CGI I've ever seen).